I help individuals who are seeking permission and direction for life transitions.

As a result, my clients receive deeper connection with soul purpose as they learn to open their wings through self-love and awaken spiritual truths.


My life began as a “first”.  I am a first born of seven, a first grandchild of 23 on my mother’s side and 23 on my father’s.  As a child, I recall thinking it was planned this way!  I grew up surrounded by adults, who at that time expected children “to be seen and not heard”.  As a result, I listened quietly with a compassionate heart; a heart with a natural gift for offering both comfort and respect to others in need.

Catholic traditions showed me that the beginning of human life is Love and that we are created in God’s image- that “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16)  My loving parents reflected the essence of that teaching.  The influence of my uncle, a priest, and charity of relatives wove treasured threads of faith in the fabric of my heart.

As I matured, I felt providentially placed with people transitioning from life to death.  I believed the entrustment to assist people on the sacred journeys to be honorable.   As my mission expanded to welcome any soul in need of strength and comfort, my gift from God to others also became a gift to myself as He consoled me with a knowing that human death was merely a transition, a rebirth of something more beautiful and celestial than our humanness could neither touch or fathom.

Not surprising health care called to me.  At 15, I was selected as a Physical Therapy aide at our community Hospital.  There I witnessed Acute Care workers reaching back and forth through the “walls” of life and death.  “That is for me”, I thought quietly to myself, observing their gentleness, their kindness.  I became a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) and studied Health Administration.  As practical as this career was, it’s essence to me was not in the practicality- but in the mysticism behind the words, “INSPIRE” and “EXPIRE”, in the eternal beckoning within the “Breath of Life”.  This fascinated me!

Allow me to offer you a sacred still point in which you can safely unpack your life challenges and spiritual uncertainties to gain awareness and clarity.

What others considered work, I regarded as a vocation of service to ease pain and suffering for patients by enhancing physical wellness.  Yet my true life’s purpose would be to “walk” with others through difficult transitions and on the edge of life and death.  To strengthen that foundation I pursued a formal degree in Spiritual Direction, so as to better understand what intrigued me with the “Breath of Life”.

With patient permission, I can utilize Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique to enhance healing.  I am part of a generation that was born at a time when the world view of healing was to “fix the physical and mental”.  The blessing of our generation lies in the realization that disharmony in the body often times reflects disharmony in our inner spirit which seeks peace infused with love.

With spiritual wisdom and loving intentions I am honored to assist others to transition smoothly and mindfully, where their brokenness and wounds can be transformed by light and love.  To balance the mind/body and spirit is to fortify the soul’s journey.

Perfect love casts out all fear. 1 John 4:18


Love your wings! 

I invite you to” be still and know” that it is my honor to companion with you and illuminate your journey by modeling how to empower yourself with love and ignite the light within  you to heal your woundedness. I will assist you in discernment of a loving course of action or change.  

Allow me to offer you a sacred still point in which you can safely unpack your life challenges and spiritual uncertainties to gain awareness and clarity. This holy ground will allow for a trustworthy relationship to develop between us. Enabling me to support your spiritual unfoldment without judgment in a gentle and fully present way.  

Some experiences Spiritual Guidance can help are: 

  • Stress/worry depression, anxiety and grief
  • Low self esteem or lack of confidence
  • Health issues, restless sleep or pain
  • Loss, relationship difficulties/separation or divorce
  • Parenting dynamics or family transitions
  •  Uncertainty about life/purpose or vocation


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