We are poised to be absolute creators of our lives.  This is what it means to be free and completely awake.  There is no more of life happening to you, for this is victim energy, there is only creating life based on your conscious choices and free will.  

At times we all experience challenges and they were not created because we wanted difficulty, but rather because we forgot to love ourselves somewhere along the way.  Suppose you have pain in your heart or your body.  Can you choose to be kind to yourself right now, to comfort yourself in a healthy way, to make healthy choices for your body?  Do not fight your own emotions or bodies.  They are the messengers from your soul.  They show you the areas in which you are seeking greater love.

Fear is something created by old beliefs to hold us back in the old and small.  It is not a stopping place when we are truly free.  it is a resting place to review what created it and then freedom offers an opportunity to be more…. to walk through the fear to the other side in Grace.  From an early age, it is ingrained in almost every one of us that we must achieve certain ideals or become “somebody” in order to be worthy of our own acceptance, of our own love.  Existing within this as-soon-as-I-have-this or once-I do-that mentality chains us to the belief that we are not free to live our lives now.  When we are stuck in our beliefs, our reality becomes rigid, stagnant, and oppressive.  We become bound to our attachments because we have lost our ability to recognize that we have a choice to be free of them.    

Let go of the attachment that we must obtain some image of perfection in order to be happy.  This isn’t only about appearances; it includes the way we think, the philosophy we follow, our spiritual pursuits, and our place in society.  All these things are conditions upon which we accept ourselves.  We think that in order to be worthy of our own love we must live up to the expectations we place on ourselves---but these expectations are the expression of our agreements, not of our true nature.  It is easy to blame our media, our culture, or our community for perpetuating images of what is expected of us.  We are flooded with commercials and archetypal images of heroes and heroines, beautiful damsels in distress and professional athletes, examples of ugliness and how not to be.  

But at the very core of it, there is no one to blame, because a commercial like self-judgement has no power over us unless we agree with its message.  It is only when we willingly attach ourselves to these images and distortions that our happiness is compromised.  We do not need to take the blame for these self-judgements.  We can simply become  aware that they have been developing in our lives since childhood.  We have a choice…. That is our power.  Choosing with awareness we can manifest what we want in a myriad of forms and experiences.  As we let go of our reaction to the external, we empower our inner consciousness.  We choose based on our inner knowing.  Once we let go of being controlled and manipulated by outer circumstance, we are truly free to be much more than we ever thought possible.  Aligning with our mind, body and spirit then allows us to take action on our choices.  Each time we marvel at something, we make a choice for Love.  Life truly seems miraculous and magical when we do not have expectations or attachments.  

Choose to love something about life “now.”.  Choose to love something about yourself “now.”  We are powerful because we have the love of the Creator that wants to flow through our loving hearts into our lives. We open to this by choosing the smallest loving thought or the smallest loving choice.  You can always find something to love--a color, a song ,a beautiful photo, a great meal, a piece of art, a video on the internet, a piece of chocolate, the sky…. someone in your past who helped you, someone you hope to be with in the future…..  The face you see in the mirror perhaps?  Yes you.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24