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The energy in this crisp autumn air is activating a new wave of awakened souls within  humanity.  There is a deep longing within the collective consciousness that calls for communion and connection with the truth, with the DIVINE plan.  This longing is only fulfilled within. We must trust everyone is on their sovereign journey and there is a  divine plan unfolding.


                                       Pray for one another.- James 5:16


In recognizing the chaos of the world, there is also illumination occurring.  It is a time for transparency and we must pray for courage and strength to transform our collective existence.


Deep within we know the shift in humanity is real.  This life we are living is about wholeness.  Using intuition as a bridge allows a renaissance of creative expression and beauty to ignite our hearts with passion and purpose as well as accelerating the masses forward.  In trusting our innermost divine expression or God spark, we must let go of judgement, comparison and blame.  Realizing these all do not serve us and limit our collective energies to keep us separate and stuck in the illusion of fear.


We have a choice when faced with FEAR.  We can see it as “Forget Everything And Run” (another acronym is False Evidence Appearing Real) or in a more positive opportunity as “Face Everything And Rise”.  


                  Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong.

                                                                          - 1 Corinthians 16:13


We practice integrity when our actions match our words, when intent comes from a balance of inner knowing and the joy of discovering the unknown.


To Claim our Aim we must allow ourselves to hold the tension of not knowing, creating an opening to connection, discernment and inner trust--- the path of expansion.  We must instill a sense of self-respect that teaches through choice, changing the fabric of interaction for humanity.  We are strong and wise, trusting our true Self to choose and react based on the present moment.  We are the inner strength taking aim at nurturing LIFE through the joy of choice, seeing the sacred in ALL we encounter.

There is a resplendent natural rhythm to Claiming our Aim. It  is our birthright, put in our hearts as a gift from the Divine Creator.  To NOT honor or affirm this would be blocking our power.  The power of co creating a peaceful, united world with love leading the way.