ROPE OF HOPE


  Life offers infinite potentials and is bound by love.  Times gift is that it offers potential in each moment!  We have choices.  We can use a rope of hope to elevate us and help ourselves to overcome our problems or past stories. These bind us and only serve to create more “knots” that keep us from living a life a JOY.

  We can ask God to untie these knots for us.  We can also ask Blessed Mary “the untier of knots” to assist us where we cannot envision hopeful ways of untying our own knots. Our stories served us in bringing us to a new bridge to cross, yet it's time to become aware if we have placed desires of our hearts on hold.

  Were you supported in your formative years to express your thoughts and feelings in healthy ways?  If not, support yourself now.  You are capable of self love, self care and you are “enough” to create a beautiful ripple through the universe in accomplishing your highest potential.

  You are blessed and your heart will extend its energy to new potential!  The mind offers a path to the heart to create desires on Earth.  Do you resist feeling badly?  Do you realize each experience (good and bad)  can serve to transform you into benefiting yourself and others on your path.  Avoidance creates an illusion that is weak and easily breaks.  It is not self supporting.  To free your mind you must open your  hearts desires.  Open it to the JOY you want to create!  Open your imaginative abilities to the realm of what has yet to be created in your life.  Feel it with your heart, touch it with your mind (imagine).  FEEL IT, IMAGINE IT !

   What often closes the mind to new possibilities is “how”.  When the how is unknown, and our hearts are not strong we only know lack; unknown is painful.  Then the shutdown begins.  Why want only to be disappointed?  Why imagine only to see a reality of lack? The path can be so well worn and deep, that even the seasons no longer touch your reality.  There is no colorful spring or fall.  There is no growth or rest.  How to convince ourselves that there is more?  

  Take the Rope of Hope the heart offers, climb it and don’t let it go.  Life is bound by love--never will it stop offering you potential.  This is God’s gift to us, unconditionally he awaits us to grab ahold.  Grab the “Rope of Hope” that loves life and live it well.

  Let your mind touch those emotions of desire, joy, fulfillment, sharing, connection and new untapped potential.  That which you submerged long ago or perhaps was shushed by others and therefore quieted in your soul.  Could these feelings  be dormant, just awaiting to be extracted by your spirit?  There is a broader truth of life.  To open the mind begin with… “I don’t know YET….”  This opens you up and expands your parameters.  Those knots are loosened, untied and smoothed out.  God knows the “hows” so we don’t have to hold the tension of unknown.

  To allow our spirits to discover, experience and be curious opens us up to broader truths.  The journey of unknown potential softens and becomes known as we allow our hearts to lead us.  As we free our minds we cross bridges into new possibilities that await us.  We recognize we have infinite gifts latent within us to LOVE LIFE.  We are powerful and we are coming ON LINE!

  Stepping into a new path of Love begins with the choice “within”.  Choose to grab the “Rope of Hope” and climb upwards to your true and divinely unique potential!